What is a Food Addict?

“When I put sugar and flour into my system, it sets up a physical craving followed by a mental obsession that screams for MORE.”

Food addiction is characterized by obsession with food, obsession with weight and loss of control over the amount eaten. There are many causes, symptoms and signs too, but we focus on the solution.  The spectrum of this addiction ranges from anorexia to morbid obesity, both of which are deadly if not treated correctly. 

Understand that food addiction is a progressive disease.  It does not go away but, it can be put into remission, one day at a time, by ceasing to eat sugar, flour and large quantities. Elimination of these addictive substances, sugar and flour, arrests the disease and affords you a life free from the bondage of self.

I realize that most people don’t like the word ‘addict’ and ‘disease’ and some will initially deny that they are afflicted.  However, when they take an honest food inventory and count up all the pounds they’ve gained and lost over the years, plus all the money they’ve spent on diets and the 100’s of hours they’ve wasted obsessing about their food and body, they come out of their denial. Understand that you have a food problem, not a weight problem. Once you learn how to take care of your food and learn what to eat, how to eat and when to eat, the weight takes care of itself.

See if you can identify with the following statements:

  • You’ve dug food out of the garbage
  • You hide your food
  • You lie about what you eat and how much
  • You eat when you are not hungry
  • You eat in isolation
  • You think about food and your weight all the time
  • You go from one diet to the next with no lasting success
  • You want to stop eating but you can’t
  • You’ve used vomiting, exercising, laxatives, etc. to get rid of the binge
  • You eat to numb out
  • You exercise excessively to control your weight
  • You obsessively calculate the calories you’ve burned against the calories you’ve eaten
  • You frequently feel guilty or ashamed about what you’ve eaten
  • You feel hopeless about your relationship with food

If you identify with any of the above statements and you have questions or concerns, please fill out a Contact Us form and we’ll set up a discovery call to see how I can help.