Vision Board Workshop

WHAT IS a Vision Board?

 Basically, it’s a manifestation tool where you creatively and artistically present your goals and dreams in the form of pictures and place them on a board. Creating a vision board is a purposeful and powerful way to design your life.

TAKE THIS AFTERNOON FOR YOU! Come explore, Come play, Come learn and be enlightened!  This Vision Board Workshop promises to be a fun loving , experiential experience filled with information and LIVE COACHING!!  In this Vision Board Workshop, “Dare to Dream” you will have a safe space to create, expand, explore and implement what you REALLY want to accomplish in your life.  If your future is fuzzy and unclear, then this event is for you.  If you want to create a new vision board to reaffirm your goals, then this is the space.  If you have absolutely NO IDEA what you want to be when you grow up, then come and find out. The answers are inside of you!  

“What you are is what you have done. What you will be is what you do now.” Unknown

You have so much POTENTIAL!!  And NOW is the time to take hold of your life, separate from the kids, the spouse, the parents, the job.  Take time for YOU!!  I will take you through some intention setting exercises so you can gain CLARITY around your goals; we’ll do some MAGICAL mind mapping and lots of other fun stuff to get you primed for designing your board.

There are no rules for creating a vison board yet, I do suggest you bring a photo of yourself and perhaps one of your favorite quotes.  I look forward to seeing you.

-XO Jenny