Slim, Sane, & Sublime

for the body, mind and spirit

This life-changing program is for anyone seeking freedom from their daily food and body obsession.

Slim, Sane and Sublime is a four-month coaching program designed to heal your body, mind and spirit through abstaining from sugar, flour and quantities. In addition to learning a new way of eating, you’ll be learning a plethora of tools and techniques to support your new life style. This program is about healing, not dieting and if you adopt this mindset, your transition off sugar and flour will be gentler. Understand you have a food problem, not a weight problem. It’s not about your size, although the weight will come off on the food plan. The real gift is the daily reprieve from obsession and self-loathing, which is painful and exhausting.  Whatever your style of using – binging, purging, restricting, overeating, over exercising, taking laxatives or all of the above, refraining from sugar and flour and weighing your meals will relieve the cravings and daily obsession from these abusive behaviors. The food plan will serve as the foundation for your transformation.

In this program you will learn a practical, sustainable, disciplined way of eating with regular store-bought food.  You will be given a healthy, balanced food plan consisting of 3 meals per day using fresh proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains and fats. Absolutely no sugar and no flour are consumed!!! Those are the addictive culprits that cause the feeling of insatiable hunger and wanting MORE all the time.

On a scientific note, new research reveals that it takes approximately 66 days to form a habit hence, by the end of Slim, Sane and Sublime your abstinent eating will be habitual. Through consistency, persistence, awareness and willingness on a daily basis, a new paradigm can be achieved.

The first month will be focused on the food.  What to eat, how to eat, when to eat and why. You will not be learning recipes or getting creative with food.  We keep it very simple in the beginning.  The less you are fondling your food the better.  You will learn to weigh and measure your meals and understand the importance of this discipline. We measure our food because our eyes are broken.  We have lost the ability to visualize an ordinary portion size.  The remainder of our time will be learning and implementing tools and techniques in order to deal with the emotions you’ve been numbing for so long.

Although abstinence is the foundation for your success, it must be worked in tandem with retraining your mindset and learning how to deal with the negative self-talk that sabotages your growth. We will be covering topics such as limiting beliefs, boundaries, shame, visualization, mirror work, forgiveness, selfcare and breathe work.

Slim, Sane & Sublime is for you if…………

You want to feel healthy, fit and sexy in your body

You can lose the weight but you can’t keep it off

You want the mental chatter and obsession to stop

You’re declining invitations to family functions and class reunions because you are embarrassed to be seen.

You want to get off your diabetes, cholesterol, anti-depressant medications

None of your clothes fit and you keep buying a bigger size

You’re ready to take the weight off once and for all

You’re isolating and your life has gotten small

You’re ready to grow leaps and bounds into the life you were meant to live

You’re ready to live your best life

You want to be present and physically fit for your kids and grandkids

You’re ready to choose a joyful life!!!

Slim, Sane & Sublime is NOT for you if…………

You are comfortable in your body

You don’t obsess about food or your weight

You don’t overeat at meals

You can have one bite of cake or pasta and leave the rest

You are living your best life and fulfilling your potential

You’re happy just the way you are

 The positive side effects of living abstinently are astounding!!!

They are different for everybody, but here are just a few:

  • You will enjoy a right size body
  • You may get off certain medications (diabetic, cholesterol, reflux, etc)
  • Sleep apnea may disappear
  • Depression starts to lift
  • Asthma improves exponentially
  • You are more present in your relationships
  • Back and joint pain eases
  • Your skin glows
  • Your energy level may rise
  • Your heart gets healthy
  • Family gets healthy too
  • Your clothes start to fit
  • Brain fog dissipates

4-month package includes:

8  private & 8 group coaching sessions via Zoom (one hour per call per week)

A healthy food plan

24/7 unlimited Voxer (a walkie-talkie app)

Private Facebook group

Homework assignments to keep you focused, accountable, learning and implementing