Coaching Packages

3 Month Coaching Program

4 Month Group Coaching Program

6 Month Coaching Program

Slim, Sane, & Sublime

for the body, mind and spirit

This life-changing program is for anyone seeking freedom from their daily food and body obsession.

Slim, Sane and Sublime is a four-month coaching program designed to heal your body, mind and spirit through abstaining from sugar, flour and quantities. In addition to learning a new way of eating, you’ll be learning a plethora of tools and techniques to support your new life style. This program is about healing, not dieting and if you adopt this mindset, your transition off sugar and flour will be gentler.

Vision Board Workshop

*Local Event*

What is a Vision Board? Basically, it’s a manifestation tool where you creatively and artistically present your goals and dreams in the form of pictures and place them on a board. Creating a vision board is a purposeful and powerful way to design your life. TAKE THIS AFTERNOON FOR YOU! Come explore, Come play, Come learn.

Night of Connection

(occurs the last Thursday of every month)
*Local Event & Ladies Only*

Night of Connection was created in response to the tragic suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. How could two people with tremendous resources available to them take their own lives.  I couldn’t wrap my head around it and I felt compelled to offer my services as a Coach to my community. Everybody deserves a safe place; hence Night of Connection was born.