“Jenny’s acuity to  hear what’s really going on underneath my words has been a gift to me.  Her unique ability to see straight to the issue and help me gain clarity in a kind and non-judgmental way has helped me take the necessary steps to positively change my life one day at a time.”

Aviva M.

“My coaching sessions with Jenny have really challenged me to look at the changes that need to be made in my life and to realize where I have stayed safely stuck. Although my first path is always resistance, her approach allowed me the time and thought process to slowly begin to shift my perception and open myself up to doing my life differently.”

Deborah K.

“Jenny, who leads by example and exudes an honest, no nonsense approach, is helping me tremendously with my self-confidence and creating a new skill set.  I have been out of the work force for quite a while and that has caused a lot of fear, doubt and insecurity, yet, as a result of being coached, my motivation is strong and I feel very empowered to do the next right thing. Accountability is major for me and I love how Jenny holds me to my word.  I will continue working with her until I reach my career goals and feel successful.”

Jody J.

“I love your no-nonsense approach, Jenny. You have a way of sifting through all the distractions (chaos), helping me to prioritize my goals, and then hold me accountable to the actions that will bring order and peace into my life. My business is already running much smoother as a result of your coaching! Thank you so much, Jenny!”

Catherine R.

“She provided assignments to open my eyes to something new and helped me let go of the old baggage that was presenting mediocre results. She was able to leverage my success and point me in a more productive area. Jenny’s coaching style has a very gentle, tough love feel and I always felt like she was standing for my achieving my goals WITH me, but I would have to go out there and achieve them.”

Cindy M.

“As a 62-year-old woman, one would think I would be clear on what’s next in my life and what steps to take. Turns out I was spinning my wheels for quite a while. As a result of Jenny’s calm, clear and wise (owl) input, I was able to identify my truest desires. I now feel clear and things are happening for me at lightning speed! After just a few sessions with Jenny I feel rock solid.”


“Jenny helped me clarify what I really wanted and I learned and practiced simple yet powerful steps to having a relationship. Her relaxed, dynamic way of communicating allowed me to feel truly heard and I loved her excitement about wanting me to have my heart’s desires. Whatever I am wanting, I believe with Jenny’s coaching, it can come true.”

Gail S.