“Change is inevitable but transformation is by conscious choice”

Heather Ash Amara
You deserve to be healthy – You deserve to feel confident – You deserve to be happy.


Hello my loves. Welcome to my site. Here in my community, we are a select group of women who just can’t eat like normal people. We think about food all the time. We’ve gained and lost hundreds of pounds. We’ve tried most of the diets, and we are left feeling hopeless and defective. Some of us have even had surgery to solve our weight problem. Our struggles with food and body have robbed us of our integrity, pride and self-esteem.

The good news is there is a solution.

The reason we’ve been unable to sustain weight loss previously is because we weren’t treating the physical cause of the problem. Has anyone ever told you that you may have an allergy to sugar and flour? I doubt they have, but that’s the secret to ending food cravings and obsession. Then we have the mental part which is learning how to process our emotions so we don’t turn to food for comfort or escape.

The journey to food freedom is a process of re-learning and re-claiming our essential selves. We’ve been using food to buffer most of our lives, but now is your time to embrace a process of letting go, one meal at a time, one day at a time. It’s a process of changing our minds and forming a relationship of trust with the wisdom of our bodies and souls.

This is not a diet. This is a true transformation at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

It’s simple but not easy.

If you agree to do this work for yourself, you WILL start feeling better right away, because now…you’re on your own side with a clear understanding of how to support your success.

I salute you for taking the brave step to explore the true nature of your dilemma.

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Jenny’s Skills

Jenny is a Certified Life Coach & Weight Loss Specialist who is devoted to helping her clients seek a mind-body paradigm shift. Her formal training and education from two Coaching Certification Programs have contributed to her natural coaching talent along with an MBA, 31 years of sobriety, and 8 years maintaining a 75-pound weight loss. She is serene, straightforward, and compassionate while exuding wisdom as she lasers in on core issues. Her ability to unlock a client’s limiting beliefs and teach them how to have agency over their own mind makes her a sought-after Coach in her field. She currently resides in Florida with her three beautiful daughters; enjoying a full life, and serving clients who are ready to live their best life.

Jenny is trained in the latest, most effective tools and remains on the cutting-edge of Life Coaching through continued education, trainings and practice.

What’s Needed

  • The willingness to take personal responsibility for your life.
  • The willingness to deepen your understanding of yourself.
  • The willingness to do the work that will help retrain your brain, give you insight, and teach you tools and techniques to implement desired results.
  • The willingness to face your fears and challenge your beliefs.
  • The willingness to imagine ALL the possibilities.

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