“Nothing tastes as good as skinny


You deserve to be healthy – You deserve to feel confident – You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to be healthy

– You deserve to feel confident

– You deserve to be happy.


If you’ve landed on my page, it’s most likely


because you’re




✔  ready to do lose the weight for the last time




✔  ready to get healthy 




✔  ready to feel sexy




✔  ready to take control of your food once and for all



If you’ve landed on my page, it’s most likely because you’re

✔  fed up with feeling like crap in your body

✔  ready to drop the pounds,

✔  ready to feel sexy

✔  ready to get healthy

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The practice of abstinence is simple but, not easy. What do I mean by abstinence? It means eating foods that contain absolutely NO form of sugar and flour.

Sugar and flour are highly addictive substances, just like cocaine and heroin, and it’s hard to understand how they wreak havoc with your body, mind, and spirit until you surrender them. All you need is a little willingness, a whole lot of honesty, and a digital scale.



Jenny is a Certified Professional Coach and a member of the ICFF.  She runs mediations, workshops and retreats for women that focus around food and body acceptance.  Her ability to unlock a clients limiting beliefs , coupled with her empathy and compassion make her a sought after Coach in her field. Jenny has been clean and sober for 30 years and has maintained a 75-pound weight loss solely by giving up sugar, flour, and quantities. 



A change in diet, as well as mindset and lifestyle, are needed to successfully achieve this new paradigm. All you need is willingness.

✔ The willingness to take personal responsibility for your food.

✔ The willingness to write your food down and share it with your coach for accountability.

✔ The willingness to the homework assignments that will help train your brain, give you insight, and teach you tools and techniques to implement healthy habits to avoid picking up.

✔ The willingness to share your thoughts and feelings with your fellow foodies on this journey in our private Facebook group and most importantly.

✔ The willingness to be honest.

Honesty is key. We’ve spent years lying and hiding in the shame of our affliction that this behavior doesn’t vanish immediately. Coaching is the place to heal it and release it, once and for all.


Are you ready to beat the inner beast and say goodbye to shame, self-loathing, and insecurity? We stay away from sugar, flour, and quantities one meal at a time and in doing so, we are given a daily reprieve, not a cure.


Your life is about to change.

✔ Drop the weight!

✔ Lose the obsession!

✔ Crush the cravings!

✔ Get ready!

✔ Get excited! 

✔ Start picturing yourself in your ideal life! 


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